About Us.

We love Cardiff that is why we built our bar here.

Jack Russell’s is the most authentic and biggest Irish bar in the U.K, serving food made from the freshest ingredients each day. Our specialities include Dunmore East Fish Pie; a medly of seafood in a white wine & cream sauce topped with a fluffy mash, Irish stew and our famous 12oz Sirloin Steak served with Gaelic sauce, made from Jamesons Irish whiskey.

It wouldnt be an Irish pub without bacon, cabbage & colcannon mash. Our bacon is boiled with cloves and finished in the oven with cider.

The complete bar in Jack Russell’s was imported from Ireland, the floor and ceiling timbers were cut from the origional bea,s that the titanic was built on in the Harland & Wolff Shipyard, Belfast.

Jack Russell’s is where you’ll always find the atmosphere and the craic. We are famous for our pint of guinness and its said to be ‘as good as you’ll get in Dublin itself’ Located in the beautiful Whichurch village in Cardiff, facilities include outside seating of 150 and inside seating of 100.


Restaurant Amenities

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